As a relatively new side we’re in the great position that our history is not lost in the mists of time like more established Morris teams. We are know exactly who our Squires, Bagmen and Foremen have been, as well as when certain dances were incorporated into our repertoire or dropped. This is therefore our ongoing archive of anything vaguely interesting from our past that we’d like to record.


There isn’t a great deal of history – yet. But we’ve got every intention of adding to it.


*A note on dates; our Morris year runs from the beginning of practice season in September to the end of our Summer dance out season the following September.


Five Rivers Morris was formed in 2008 by a bunch of like-minded blokes in Sheffield who wanted to dance some Morris. Some were award-winning dancers with years’ of experience dancing Morris, whilst others arrived as complete novices. What they all shared was an appetite good beer, good fun and dancing Morris.


A core of university friends who, like many before them, came to study in Sheffield and stayed, they had the critical mass of dancers needed to form a new side. Together with other interested chaps, they got together for the first ever practice on 22nd May 2008.


On the 9th October 2008 the first AGM was held in someone’s house. The team’s constitution stated that the purpose of the team was to “provide the opportunity to dance high quality Morris” and, most importantly, to “provide members of the team with as much enjoyment as possible”.


After rejecting several other suggestions, including King George Morris and Seven Hills Morris, the team eventually settled upon Five Rivers Morris, after Sheffield’s fabled five rivers (like Rome, but with better beer and more pie), at an EGM at practice on 13th November 2008 when the team’s kit was also agreed.

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